About Us



At JS we bear in mind that our clients are demanding more than tiles; they are demanding effective and profitable solutions. For this reason we have decided completely redefine our market proposal, focussing our efforts on giving a solution to our clients’ necessities from a more personal perspective, offering quality products and services without losing closeness.

“We want to be people who work for people by creating a special relationship based on higher understanding and better solutions. “

The entrepreneurial vision of Juan Serrano has generated a young dynamic company, focused on selling products that are distinguised for their beauty and practicality.

At JS we always offer an effective response to a highly competitive market, based on a set of business values that build trust in our customers and allow us to grow in a sustainable manner.

The products we sell respond to the emotional needs of a public that evolves though new lifestyles, with floors and walls that combine design, practicality and sustainable materials, designed to provide durability and end-user comfort.

JS has a very personal concept in terms of customer relationship; we do much more than just selling products. We generate business ties that allow us to grow sustainably with customers and suppliers, always committed to quality and dedication to service.